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WILD is famed wildlife photographer Michael Nichols’ choice of his favorite photographs. They are presented in chronological order from the beginning of his career in 1980, when he used Transparency film and was a Magnum photographer, until 2016, when he had embraced digital capture as the editor at large of National Geographic magazine.

Earth to Sky–Among Africa’s Elephants, a Species in Crisis

Elephants are among the earth’s most sentient beings. They remember, they experience grief and joy, fear and love. Indeed, as our knowledge of these extraordinary creatures increases, the more they transcend all preconceptions of animal behavior. Michael “Nick” Nichols has been working with African elephants for more than 20 years. In Earth to Sky, he tells their story through poignant images that bring us directly into their habitats to observe the animals’ daily engagements and activities.

Michael Nichols: Earth to Sky--Among Africa's Elephants, a Species in Crisis
A Wild Life: A Visual Biography of Photographer Michael Nichols

A Wild Life: A Visual Biography of Photographer Michael Nichols

Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols has for decades created powerful and eloquent images of iconic wildlife species. His vision is to stir the emotions of viewers leading to empathy and conservation. Nichols’ story combines a life of adventure, with a conviction about how we can redeem the human race by protecting our wildlife. The book’s two central characters are the photographer and the author, who travels with the photographer on assignment in Africa.

The Last Place on Earth: With Mike Fay’s African Megatransect Journals (v. 1&2)

Determined to document the vanishing riches of central Africa’s last undeveloped reaches, National Geographic photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols set out with ecologist Mike Fay on the “megatransect expedition,” a grueling 456-day, 2,000-mile trek from Congo’s deepest forest to Gabon’s virgin shore. The result of their efforts is The Last Place on Earth, revealing a landmark work so startling that it caused the government of Gabon to set aside 11 percent of the country’s interior rain forest as national parkland, creating 13 new national parks to protect virgin lands and wildlife.

The Last Place on Earth: With Mike Fay's African Megatransect Journals (v. 1&2)

Some of Nick’s books are also available on Amazon, like Gorilla.

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